In the two weeks since we kicked off this year’s Pride Month fundraiser, you’ve already blown us away with a tremendous show of support. As of today, June 14th, you’ve raised a total of $51,407.81 for GLSEN, with 497 pin blind bags, 67 sticker sets, and 315 golden pin sets being claimed. Sets are already arriving on doorsteps, so if you haven’t received yours yet, keep an eye on your mailbox as they are on the way.

If you haven’t ordered your very own pins and stickers yet, fear not! There’s plenty to go around. Hop on over to our Tiltify page to donate and claim a pride pin! (Or two. Or all of them.)

Looking for more ways to celebrate Pride Month? We’ve got the scoop on a ton of amazing community events, a new bot, and some appropriately proud artwork.

Celebrate Pride in Upcoming Community Stage Events

You may have already attended some of the great community-run Pride Stage events that have happened throughout our Partnered Discord communities. The Gay Geeks, ShelbyRenae, UT Dallas, and Leggos Land servers have all held some excellent AMAs, Panels, and Talent Shows so far.

Don’t worry if you didn’t catch any of those events — there’s plenty more to check out! Below are just a few upcoming Pride Stage events planned for the rest of the month:

Join the communities listed above by clicking on their names! On the day they go live, these events and more can also be found by browsing Stage Discovery.

Tell Everyone Who You Are With Our New Pronoun Picker Bot

Pronoun Picker is a simple, customizable bot that helps make your server a more welcoming space — especially for newcomers. It gives servers multiple ways for members to easily set and display their pronouns within your community, either as roles or through nicknames.

After customizing the bot’s settings on your server, the Pronoun Picker can be summoned to allow community members to select pronouns that best suit their identity. Members can also select multiple options, express comfort with any pronoun, or let others know to ask when necessary.

The Pronoun bot can be added by using the link below. You’ll need to either own the server or be a moderator with “Manage Server” permissions in order to add the bot.

> Add Pronoun Bot to Your Server

For the full scoop on how to get the Pronoun Picker set up, hop on over to our special Help Center article.

Wumpus on the Walls of San Francisco

Looking for an excuse to explore San Francisco? You’ll find some familiar faces out on the corner of 3rd and Harrison: Wumpus, and a ton of his newest friends, painted on a real-live wall!

This is the first time we’ve ever done any sort of mural in a major city, and needless to say, we’ve all been pretty stoked at HQ. If you stop by, be sure to take a few pictures and show us by tweeting us at @discord!

Not in the Bay Area? Keep an eye out in other major cities across the world…you may start finding Discord in places you’d never expect. 👀

More June Happenings

Looking for even more ways to celebrate Pride with Discord? Starting June 16th, open up the camera in Snapchat and go to the Filters gallery… you just might find a special Discord Pride filter.

And of course, we’re running our Pride Month fundraiser through the month of June. Hop on over to our Tiltify page to help contribute to our goal of $100,000 in donations for GLSEN! You can learn more about the work that GLSEN does in our previous Pride blog post.

Pride Doesn’t Stop After June

Pride Month is a time for reflection and organizing, but celebrating who you are doesn’t end on June 30th.

This July, our Pride Employee Resource Group — a collective of Discordians who work to make Discord a great place for everyone — will be releasing a blog post of their own. It’ll include their own recommendations on how to learn more about, support, and celebrate LGBTQIA+ communities throughout the year.

Whether you’re coming together with your community, grabbing some pins, or spreading the word by sharing the Tiltify page, every little bit helps. Thanks so much for helping make a world where everyone is free to be themselves.